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Sit2stand for Learning

We take our kids to their annual check-ups.

Make sure they brush twice a day.

Cook balanced meals.

Encourage them to get outside.

Stress the importance of exercise.

We want our children to be healthy.

Did you know it could be as simple as standing up?

Students who stand during the school day burn more calories, making them less likely to be obese.

They are more alert and focused.

They are better learners thanks to an increased flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.

We strive to give our children every advantage.

Now let's get them on their feet.


Sit2Stand for Learning provides information to parents and educators on the benefits of standing in the classroom.

We offer sample desks for your school system to evaluate.

We work with you to obtain grants for standing workstations for your students.

We help you help your kids.


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