Sit2stand consulting develops ergonomic programs that create healthier workspaces. Our goals are to:




Promote awareness about healthy workplace habits


worker's comp costs


wellness @ work

Create a healthier workspace

 Get our tips for better workplace health



Consulting & on-site seminars

  • In-house ergonomic and wellness consulting for companies of all sizes

  • Customized recommendations for a proactive workplace ergonomics program

  • Practical recommendations and actionable tips for improving physical behavior during the workday


Partner with Sit2stand

We partner with ergonomics organizations nationally to provide on-site consultation and training.

In-person assessments

  • Individual work space assessment and design

  • Training and tools for improving awareness and modifying behavior

  • Modify work spaces for individual height, body type, comfort level and work style

  • Employee education on posture best practices and techniques that can impact them on a daily basis 


New office space? 

Find out how you can use Sit2stand consulting to optimize your new office plan and furniture purchase.



Improve health and wellbeing, while enhancing productivity

Research shows a working environment where employees are happier, healthier and feel supported leads to decreased levels of stress and a more motivated, engaged workforce. 



productivity increase



reduction in
workers’ comp costs


Decreased absenteeism


Less turnover


Decrease in musculoskeletal disorders


What people are saying...

"Scott has been such a valuable asset to our ergonomics program. His holistic approach, warmth and genuine passion for well-being has been beneficial for our employees and their ergonomic needs. I thoroughly enjoy working with Scott, and appreciate his guidance and recommendations."
-Gina Driscoll, Senior Benefits Specialist


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Dr. Scott Diamond 

provides health and wellness services to the Greater Boston area. He began his career as a chiropractic doctor, establishing Diamond Chiropractic in 1996. His commitment to providing education and awareness to help people decrease pain, improve their physical health and performance led him to create Sit2stand Consulting.

Today, Dr. Diamond leverages his chiropractic and wellness expertise to provide knowledge and insights about workplace ergonomics, training employers and employees how to design work spaces that provide an optimal environment for good health and productivity. Dr. Diamond is a graduate of Northeastern University and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University.


Dr. Diana Gailes 

is passionate about providing patients with care and education to help them live healthier, pain-free lives. She began her chiropractic career in 2002, and currently practices at Indian Harbor Chiropractic in Greenwich Connecticut. As a chiropractic doctor and certified ergonomist, Dr. Gailes has a unique ability to isolate behavioral and postural problems that contribute to health issues, and advise how to make simple changes that lead to long-lasting improvements.

Dr. Gailes leverages an inspirational, motivating and energetic approach to patient care, and is a frequent lecturer and workshop facilitator on health and wellness. She is a graduate of Adelphi University, earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University, and is a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist through The Back School.


These companies work with Sit2stand to design workspaces that provide an optimal environment for good health and productivity: